April 29, 2016

DIY: 5 minute May Day bouquet

Seriously 5 mins I timed it, with flowers in hand.

I laid all the flowers down, happy to have the color, texture and size range readily available in my garden.

Starting with the tall greens.  I like to group delicate greens and flowers together so they have more impact.

Adding the tall flowers.  I left these tall knowing that the flower size is about the same as the lilac and I wanted them to be distinguished somehow.

Adding bigger greens that will help to fill any gaps when the arrangement is complete.

Next are the big flowers, or in this case bushels of petite ones.

Last but not least is one of my favorites, Dusty Miller.   It always adds a different color and texture than other plants and I love it.

Bonus for when you get to use a fragrant flower.  One of my favorite things is walking by a bouquet in my home and getting a whiff of the garden.  Or when my husband randomly comments "wow those smell really good" its a win. 

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