June 2, 2015

How To: Get the best scrub of your life at home

I am always looking for the newest, best and still affordable face and skin care.  I still haven't found anything that I love more that these DIY scrubs and following them up with a heavy moisturizer for face and body.

The key to the face scrub is gently rubbing until the sugar almost dissolves .  I normally make up a small batch (total for 3-4 tablespoons) every couple weeks and apply it in the shower, it can be a little messy.

The body scrub is hearty and course (depending on the coffee ground you are using) and best used on shower softened skin, thats about 7 mins in a warm bath/shower.  Because this scrub is messy and does not dissolve I recommend after softening in the shower turn the water off and start scrubbing applying the ground mixture to the skin and using the lemon half as the "scrubber", or you can use your hands and follow up with a quick lemon rub.  You'll know you're done when your skin is pink and a little raw feeling just like at a Korean spa.  When you're done with the scrubbing wipe down with a damp cloth with the goal of getting the coffee grounds off.  Gather the gather the grounds as best you can and scoop them in the trash.  Then you can rinse off in the shower, no need to soap up, just a quick rise for any residual scrub.

Bit of a hassle but totally worth it.

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