June 15, 2015

DIY: Giant Paper flowers in 10 steps

I've been playing around with these flowers for a couple of years and have made them numerous  times.  Below are step by step instructions and downloadable templates.  Please leave a comment if you have any questions!

creating new blooms and teaching my DIY
cream "example" flower with petal and stamen color options
When you're making them, remember that they can be made with a variety of paper, from tissue to card stock, and that it won't be perfect, but what flowers are?  That's why we love them.

Download Peony Template HERE

Created 80ish flowers varying in size, color, and bloom for a photoshoot

Created a 5ft, 4ft, and 2ft white and cream flowers for a wedding
hot glue gun

Step 1: After scaling the entire template to the size you want, trace and cut the listed quantity of petals.  The completed flower will be about twice the diameter of the large petal

Step 2: Fold pleats (see template) into paper.  On the large petal, mirror the pleats so the outside edges of the petal end up in closer to the center

Step 3: For the large and medium petals, use one staple to secure the pleat in the center bottom of the petal.  No staple is needed for small petals

 Step 4: Using a pencil (or table edge) and your thumb, curl the top few inches of each petal so that the petal curl opens away from you

 Step 5: Assemble your large ring and medium ring of petals by fastening the petals together on each side near their bottoms.  There should be a hole in the center of your petal "ring."  For petals larger than standard size paper (8.5 x 11in) use staples, for anything smaller, use hot glue

 Step 6: Assemble the two rings, layering the medium ring on top of the large ring.  Hot glue between the layers to hold them in place, apply pressure until dry

Step 7: Holding one small folded petal at a time, place however many stamen you want in the center of your flower. Once arranged, glue the stamens into the small petal

Step 8: Once the stamens are secured in the small petals, stack two of them with the folded pleats facing right and one facing left.  Hold them at their base and hot glue the group together

Step 9: Take the group of small petals and place it in the center of the two stacked rings (completed in step 6) and pull an inch of the tip through the stacked rings.  You can now see your assembled flower.  Lastly, with hot glue secure the small petals to the medium petal ring where the petals are making contact

Step 10: Your flower is complete!  Now it's time for extra credit

Extra Credit:

  • Grab a pencil and curl your petals out more
  • Tack petals to other petals with hot glue to get your flower to cooperate
  • Get creative with your color palette
  • Lightly coat your completed flower with spray paint for a more “artsy” look

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