May 9, 2015

DIY: Last minute Mother's Day gift (and centerpieces!)

Mother's Day is tomorrow and no, I didn't forget, but I did get bit by the lazy weekend bug.  Original plan was to go to Pike Place Market and buy a bunch of flowers and make them into a few bouquets to decorate the patio for a family BBQ.  But as I was getting some much needed grilling tools at the local hardware store.  It hit me, I could get it all done here and now AND get my mom another gift while I'm at it.

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift (and centerpieces!)

What you'll need:
potted plants (see step 1)
spray paint (as many colors as you want)
table protection from spray paint
damp cloth

Step 1: Go buy some plants
I picked my mom's favorites, keeping in mind a cohesive color pallet.  Each "centerpiece" should have 1 larger (pot and height) "focal point" plant, and 2 smaller ones.   The actual sizes depend on how large you want the centerpiece to be overall.

(extra points if you find the cat!)

Step 2: Arrange them by grouping
This will help if you are planning on a more colorful finished product.  Remove the plants from their pots carefully.

Step 3: Protect your table surface and spray paint the pots
I used the gold metallic spray paint I had on hand (hence the "last minute" part).  wipe down the outside and let dry then spray the containers (use more than one color if you want), only the outside.  Let the paint dry thoroughly, return the plants to their pots and arrange in the grouping you laid out in step 2.  

Step 4: Finesse grouping and elements
I combined what will be 3 centerpieces on Mother's Day to one giant centerpiece on my patio table.  I also added a copper wire crate I had to add another element.   Now you have some lovely centerpieces, and more plants for mom's garden.

Don't forget to water your creation!  (try to keep the painted outside dry)

Happy Mother's Day to all my favorite moms (including my own!)

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