April 28, 2015

Beauty: Did OPI just make your new favorite nail color?

Aloha! Nothing I love more on a nice day than sitting on the patio (except when that patio is actually a beach) with a glass of bubbles and changing up the color on my pedicure.  Check out the newest color line 'Hawaii' from OPI.

I'm partial to 'Just Lanai-ing Around' or maybe 'That's Hula-rious' they're both great.  Below are my top 6 from the collection.

If you want to try out some new colors tag them with #OPIHawaii and share your favorites

April 26, 2015

Happy Sunday!

wish I was there!

Carroll Baker 1960 [Harper's Bazaar]

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April 23, 2015

Garden: Stylish accessories for a green thumb

Green thumb, black thumb, either way you still most likely have house plant.  My favorite (like a lot of us) is the Fiddle Leaf tree, my little green baby is over 5 feet and thats a lot of plant.  I am sharing some of my favorite accessories for our indoor BFFs some make taking care of them easier, more stylish, or plain nifty.

 Trestle Union Plant stands

OBJECTS copper hanging bowl   |  MAKR plant ring

                                                       OBJECTS tall pot

 Diana Bechert Hanging plant hanger

April 22, 2015

Fashion: 6 favorite bikinis for a big bosom

The search for the swimsuit begins.  Bikini, tankini, monokini, one-piece, there are a ton of choices but if you're bigger than a C cup those choices can dwindle looking for a little support. All these bikinis come in a ton of sizes which include DD+.

Now that you have your new suit make sure that you pack accordingly wether its for a week or a day.


BEST TAN LINES (removable strap!)



BEST PREPPY *personal favorite


Here is a favorite suit from last year, not as practical, but still a favorite.

April 20, 2015

Beach getaway: 12 essentials to pack

1941 Vogue image via MyVintageVogue

Every year in July I'm beach bound for a lazy girls weekend- 90+ degrees, bubbly beverages, sand, and inter tubes.  Every I get a little better at packing, starting with the basics the swimsuit and sunglasses, and adding items to make the weekend that much lazier.

Love this sunscreen - full spectrum, seas to apply, long lasting and other versions are waterproof.  My pasty skin gets another coat about every 2 hours.

Magazines!! Last year it was so hot that the glue binding melted.  My favorite beach reads are Real Simple, Vogue, InStyle, and Sweet Paul

Lily + Target sun umbrella - its grey to get away form the direct sun every now and then.

image via Allure
Your mani/pedi nail kit - great for passing time and using the built in foot exfoliator!

Bliss Body Scrub - heat and sand = dead skin 
scrub it off!

Origins - body oil
after scrubbing or showering restore moisture, it feels amazing.

Lily +Target beach towel - when in doubt, go big or even HUGE!

Kate Spade - Insulated to go tumbler
fill it with this summer favorite

Nordstrom August Hat - wide brim floppy hat great for floating on the lake, keeping my freckles to a minimum. Really helps cool you down.

Colman - large cooler when you're shore bound.  the goal is to never have to go back to your room.  keep extra waters fruit snacks and of course boozy refills.  If you're spending more time in the water check this guilty pleasure.

Fancy - Giant amazing anti-sand mat.  favorite purchase yet.

Deluxe water misting fan - need I say more?

Boring but helpful
ziplock baggies (food, oily bottles, melty things)
baby wipes (greasy hands, sandy containers)

April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone, hope you are able to have a lovely day with family and friends.

Here is a little last minute inspiration, or you can pin it for next year.  I'm partial to those sunglasses and glittered eggs.

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