February 23, 2015

Fashion: Best dressed Oscars 2015

A lot of beautiful gowns this year.  And as with every year, there were a lot of beautiful gowns on the wrong people, or a beautiful gown but wrong accessories.  below are the gowns that made me say wow.  The right amount of sensuous glamour on the right person.


Only showing the top of Lupita's dress because it was my favorite part.  I wish the pearls melted in to a billowing cream chiffon skirt.

Classic, fits like a glove.  Excellent choice Reese and Reese's stylist.

Très chic.  Je aime voir une belle femme dans une robe curieux.  Rester français Marion. 


 It works, love it.  Looks like the gamble paid off Emma.

Rose red

 Stunning.  I want those shoes in every color.  Rosettes for Rosamund.

Not in love with the cuff or clutch, but overall I adore this modern statuesque look on Dakota.

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