January 3, 2015

Style: Get your WORKout

Its tough to work 8+ hours a day, workout, and have a life.  Lets face it, normally one of those suffers which can be detrimental to the other two.  I cheat a little and try to get my workout at work.  It should also be said that I'm not one to do the mini-desk workouts, kudos if you are, its a great way to ensure an active break, but its just not for me.

Working out at work:

  1. Take the stairs (within reason, although extra points if you work in a skyscraper:)
  2. Walk to the coffee shop that is up the hill, or a couple blocks farther
  3. Opt for in-person conversations when possible (there is more than one plus to doing this!)
  4. Use your breaks, and move (your engagement improves by 30% when you do this regularly) I like to get outside when its nice out, or stop by an old co-workers desk (the catch is that the co-worker has to be on a different floor, points for distance!)
  5. Carry your laptop in front of you and try to keep it level to your next meeting.  (bonus points is you add a ream of paper on top)  If you have a lot of meetings this one really makes an impact on your biceps. 

What to wear:

When putting these pieces together I considered what would allow movement, still look more work appropriate rather than workout, in the PNW we can definitely get away with this.  Remember points 3 and 4 of my fashion pet peeves, its a little harsh but apparently I was feeling a bit passionate that day.

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Do you have any tips for adding fitness to your workday?

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