January 10, 2015

Happy Weekend

As a follow up to my brunch post I wanted to share my favorite weaken brunch recipe.   I love it because it has a ton of protein, fiber (I use hearty whole grain bread) and vitamin C.  It also allows for you to put you're own spin on it.  You can add hot sauce, parmesan, or avocado, it is a blank canvas for your refrigerator.

January 5, 2015

Food: Brunch candids

Here are some of my favorite recent brunch shots on instagram.  You caught me, I'm super hungry right now, and who says you can't have brunch for dinner?

courtclarkstyle and yes, it was delicious

emilyrita8 (my real life BFF)

January 3, 2015

Style: Get your WORKout

Its tough to work 8+ hours a day, workout, and have a life.  Lets face it, normally one of those suffers which can be detrimental to the other two.  I cheat a little and try to get my workout at work.  It should also be said that I'm not one to do the mini-desk workouts, kudos if you are, its a great way to ensure an active break, but its just not for me.

Working out at work:

  1. Take the stairs (within reason, although extra points if you work in a skyscraper:)
  2. Walk to the coffee shop that is up the hill, or a couple blocks farther
  3. Opt for in-person conversations when possible (there is more than one plus to doing this!)
  4. Use your breaks, and move (your engagement improves by 30% when you do this regularly) I like to get outside when its nice out, or stop by an old co-workers desk (the catch is that the co-worker has to be on a different floor, points for distance!)
  5. Carry your laptop in front of you and try to keep it level to your next meeting.  (bonus points is you add a ream of paper on top)  If you have a lot of meetings this one really makes an impact on your biceps. 

What to wear:

When putting these pieces together I considered what would allow movement, still look more work appropriate rather than workout, in the PNW we can definitely get away with this.  Remember points 3 and 4 of my fashion pet peeves, its a little harsh but apparently I was feeling a bit passionate that day.

jawbone the best device on the market today
(essential to track your activity, meals, and total in/out calories)

Do you have any tips for adding fitness to your workday?

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