December 7, 2014

Shopping: Urban Craft Uprising

This weekend is the Urban Craft Uprising at the Seattle Center.  UCU is Seattle's largest indie craft show and is open until 5pm tonight.  I went yesterday and spent way too many hours perusing and being generally impressed.  I walked out of there with some great gifts and a ton of business cards ready to continue my perusing online.  

Here are some snapshots I took as well as some images from the vendors online shops.

*tones of color pallets and designs in person, I'll keep watching the shop for updates!

*loved several of her illustrations, very clever, check them out

*this vendor had a coffee table with copper legs.  gorgeous!  putting him on my list when a furniture purchase is in my immediate future.

*leather and canvas utilitarian and clean design bags and accessories

*they eat fruit flies, now I am almost excited to put the plants to the test!

 Beautiful Briny Sea (about, shop)
*so many delicious sat and sugar varieties, it would make a great gift!

*drool-worthy leather bags, one of these is going on my christmas list!

*I bought these earrings in the Nephrite Jade for myself and another pair for a friend.  great quality jewelry.

*super cute, they have more than just animals.  I would love these in a nursery/kids room.

*loved everything - my friend almost bought one of everything.  bags have excellent construction, and all the materials are thoughtful and good quality. 

*sadly no room in my current house for a cat teepee, but I loved these abstract/modern aztec designs and got a kid's tee shirt and tote bag (this vendor does glow in the dark designs too!) hopefully they will be available to sell online soon.

*black and whites with silver and gold accents.  I will be watching their shop for more styles! 

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