December 20, 2014

How to: create a last minute Christmas table

Love a last minute party anytime of year. Around the holidays it seems that everything is last minute so hopefully these tips will help ease the holiday hosting hustle. 

Decorate with nature
Best part about this is you can normally get food for the party and decor all from the grocery store!  Pickup some garland, chestnuts, cranberries, and oranges. Keep an eye out on your next walk for some pinecones and holly. If you stop by a tree stand you can pickup some tree rounds for free. 

Mix and match your dishes
I love doing this because you can always be adding to your collection. It is also a great solution when you have a large group to entertain.  The key to mixing successfully is picking a look and sticking to it.

Become a mixologist (just for the night!)
Offer two signature cocktails and learn how to make them well. I always go for 2 totally opposite drinks.  For my little Christmas soirĂ©e I did a bubbly drink ( hot buttered rum. 

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