December 31, 2014

NYE ready for 2015

Happy New Year!  Hope you are planning on enjoying bubbles and good friends tonight to welcome 2015.  I will be posting via instagram and twitter using my hashtag #clarkholiday.

If you need to add a little 'party' to  your evening check out this post from one of my favorite blogs The House that Lars Built

In January of 2011 I wrote a post about cleaning up for the new year.  I reread it and I didn't realize that I still use aspects in my cleaning routine today.  An oldie but a goodie.

December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!

Every Christmas Eve my husband and I talk a walk on Capitol Hill amoung the Edwardian mansions before dinner.  I love the houses any time of year but it adds another layer of magic when lights are on the eaves. 

Here are some snapshots

The occasional festive condo. 

Enjoy and Merry Christmas. 

December 20, 2014

How to: create a last minute Christmas table

Love a last minute party anytime of year. Around the holidays it seems that everything is last minute so hopefully these tips will help ease the holiday hosting hustle. 

Decorate with nature
Best part about this is you can normally get food for the party and decor all from the grocery store!  Pickup some garland, chestnuts, cranberries, and oranges. Keep an eye out on your next walk for some pinecones and holly. If you stop by a tree stand you can pickup some tree rounds for free. 

Mix and match your dishes
I love doing this because you can always be adding to your collection. It is also a great solution when you have a large group to entertain.  The key to mixing successfully is picking a look and sticking to it.

Become a mixologist (just for the night!)
Offer two signature cocktails and learn how to make them well. I always go for 2 totally opposite drinks.  For my little Christmas soirée I did a bubbly drink ( hot buttered rum. 

Food: Rosemary's Ruby Fizz

Last night I had a little Christmas soirée with a few fabulous friends and made this drink.  I wanted to have something that looked festive but not fussy, and bubbles are always festive. 


2 parts fresh grapefruit juice
1 part gin
Rosemary simple syrup to taste
*mix ingredients in cocktail shaker
Top off with brut, stir with fresh sprig of rosemary and enjoy!

I learned that one cocktail shaker can hold enough for three drinks. 

Inspired by

December 7, 2014

Shopping: Urban Craft Uprising

This weekend is the Urban Craft Uprising at the Seattle Center.  UCU is Seattle's largest indie craft show and is open until 5pm tonight.  I went yesterday and spent way too many hours perusing and being generally impressed.  I walked out of there with some great gifts and a ton of business cards ready to continue my perusing online.  

Here are some snapshots I took as well as some images from the vendors online shops.

*tones of color pallets and designs in person, I'll keep watching the shop for updates!

*loved several of her illustrations, very clever, check them out

*this vendor had a coffee table with copper legs.  gorgeous!  putting him on my list when a furniture purchase is in my immediate future.

*leather and canvas utilitarian and clean design bags and accessories

*they eat fruit flies, now I am almost excited to put the plants to the test!

 Beautiful Briny Sea (about, shop)
*so many delicious sat and sugar varieties, it would make a great gift!

*drool-worthy leather bags, one of these is going on my christmas list!

*I bought these earrings in the Nephrite Jade for myself and another pair for a friend.  great quality jewelry.

*super cute, they have more than just animals.  I would love these in a nursery/kids room.

*loved everything - my friend almost bought one of everything.  bags have excellent construction, and all the materials are thoughtful and good quality. 

*sadly no room in my current house for a cat teepee, but I loved these abstract/modern aztec designs and got a kid's tee shirt and tote bag (this vendor does glow in the dark designs too!) hopefully they will be available to sell online soon.

*black and whites with silver and gold accents.  I will be watching their shop for more styles! 

December 2, 2014

Love on the web: Laura Jones

I've seen the paintings by Laura Jones on some of my favorite blogs (The House that Lars Built, Design Files, Frolic).  I took some time to read up on the artist and look at every painting that I could find.  I am naturally attracted to darker, moody paintings.  Laura has three that I would love to get my hands on.  Unfortunately I couldn't find a resource online to purchase, or view in Seattle so I'll keep lusting over these paintings.

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