November 26, 2014

Holiday: Last minute Thanksgiving tips

OK so its Thanksgiving, and wether its family or friends expectations are high.  Even hearing the classic "just bring yourself", you worked all day Wednesday and were ready to brave the store.  Or maybe you did what I did, worked, went home, whiskey, nap.  When that nap turned into an 8-hour nap you still needed to exceed expectations (failure is not an option!) using your Thursday morning (crossing fingers your Thanksgiving is actually at dinner time) and whatever resources you've got.

Here are some last minute just-bring-yourself tips:

Flowers!  always a good option. Know your hostess, I recommend that you buy greens and flowers separately then arrange.  Remember to look for different textures, colors, and sizes of leaves and petals.
My favorite cheat: white Hydrangea and Eucalyptus, you can also add a red berry for some color.  No fuss to arrange. 

Beverage with a story.  For example the Pilgrims would have drank pumpkin beer at the first Thanksgiving.  Buy a couple cases and tell your fellow Pilgrims that barley and wheat were not successful crops so early American beer was made from the native pumpkin plant, turnips and nuts.  you will instantly feel festive.

Activities are a welcome reprieve from the eat eat eat, or your crazy aunt.  Bring your favorite game, or just a dictionary you can play Fictionary with just a dictionary, pens and paper.

Crackers an in, poppers, not the kind that goes with cheese.  This is a fun addition to the table and will be a time tested conversation piece.  Just wait till you see whats inside!

Hope these recommendations help with the holiday hustle.  

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