May 13, 2014

Weekend in Vancouver BC

This past weekend we journeyed up to Vancouver, a 3 hour drive from Seattle to take it easy.  It was as much about getting away from work, chores, and the everyday, as it was about a change of scenery.  And yes, Seattle and Vancouver do look and feel similar, they are like fraternal twins.  Similar attributes; waterfronts, hipsters, tons of bikes (perhaps I should have left it at hipsters), and good coffee, but they are still quite unique, Seattle with its grunge and hills cascading to the waterfront.  And Vancouver with modern skycraping-condos and flat (woohoo!) sprawling downtown.  Not so much about what we saw but more about what we didn't see... the usual.

Waterfront on Friday

Shopping on Saturday... I think I love this chair, and I KNOW I love the color pallet 

View from hotel

View at night

Beautiful birds at the Aquarium in the Amazon exhibit

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