May 28, 2014

Seattle: Flea market finds

I love the thrill of the find, so much so that I don't buy anything that doesn't have it.  I may leave some great stuff on the table because of it, but I never have buyer's remorse.  Here are a few treasures that I scored this weekend.  I got all of this for $25, I am looking forward to some fun restoration.

1953 Esquire magazine - loved the front illustration, I haven't decided if I should frame it or leave it on the table as a conversation piece.

1968 Mexico olympic poster - Needs to be framed and a bit of TLC.  

clockwise: Old milk bottle (different shape than I normally see) from Sherwood Dairy Farm in New York, Depression glass pitcher (is is super heavy and the glass is a bit off in color around the 1930's I think),  1962 Seattle World's Fair plates (these normally go for $30+ so I was thrilled when I got both for $5)- I love the product design for the fair, you could almost time travel starring at the Space Needle. Timberline Lodge plate (from mount Hood in Oregon)- I love this because it is local, the coloring is precious and I can see serving up some gingerbread in the winter.  

This used to be a mobile- It was so sweet, I plan on restoring it.

A print from the MOMA advertising a Picasso exhibit in 1980-  It just needs a little love and a new frame and glass.

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