May 29, 2014

How to: re-string a mobile

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I bought what used to be a mobile.  The strings were so old that they broke with the slightest weight so it would need to be re-strung.

 How should the new mobile balance?  I had nothing to go by from the old design, just a quantity of card stock birds and two heavy gage wires as an axis.  I decided to go a slightly more challenging route, otherwise it would be too easy a project.   I would have a counter-balance axis, it took some trial and error and a little math but I got it balanced.

The key is to get the axis string just right the slightest micro millimeter will throw off the balance.

The finished product hanging in a window corner of my bedroom.  It has been there for a few days now I find it relaxing and meditative.  Definitely a fan of mobiles now.

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