May 31, 2014

This week via pictures

Some of my picture posts from this week...

Peonies from the garden

laying in the grass 

Saturday morning coffee on the patio

white peony

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May 29, 2014

How to: re-string a mobile

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I bought what used to be a mobile.  The strings were so old that they broke with the slightest weight so it would need to be re-strung.

 How should the new mobile balance?  I had nothing to go by from the old design, just a quantity of card stock birds and two heavy gage wires as an axis.  I decided to go a slightly more challenging route, otherwise it would be too easy a project.   I would have a counter-balance axis, it took some trial and error and a little math but I got it balanced.

The key is to get the axis string just right the slightest micro millimeter will throw off the balance.

The finished product hanging in a window corner of my bedroom.  It has been there for a few days now I find it relaxing and meditative.  Definitely a fan of mobiles now.

May 28, 2014

Seattle: Flea market finds

I love the thrill of the find, so much so that I don't buy anything that doesn't have it.  I may leave some great stuff on the table because of it, but I never have buyer's remorse.  Here are a few treasures that I scored this weekend.  I got all of this for $25, I am looking forward to some fun restoration.

1953 Esquire magazine - loved the front illustration, I haven't decided if I should frame it or leave it on the table as a conversation piece.

1968 Mexico olympic poster - Needs to be framed and a bit of TLC.  

clockwise: Old milk bottle (different shape than I normally see) from Sherwood Dairy Farm in New York, Depression glass pitcher (is is super heavy and the glass is a bit off in color around the 1930's I think),  1962 Seattle World's Fair plates (these normally go for $30+ so I was thrilled when I got both for $5)- I love the product design for the fair, you could almost time travel starring at the Space Needle. Timberline Lodge plate (from mount Hood in Oregon)- I love this because it is local, the coloring is precious and I can see serving up some gingerbread in the winter.  

This used to be a mobile- It was so sweet, I plan on restoring it.

A print from the MOMA advertising a Picasso exhibit in 1980-  It just needs a little love and a new frame and glass.

May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day: How to dress for summer

All items found on net-a-porter

Does going to a barbecue this afternoon have you dusting off your sandals and straw hats?  I know I had to.  Wether you are in need of a summer jump today or just need to start thinking summer.  Here are 4 tips to keep in mind when creating your warm weather look:

1) pop of lip
2) bold jewelry
3) add some texture
4) denim, denim and more denim

And presto you've accessorized for summer.

May 25, 2014

Happy Sunday: Craving the domestic

I can never get enough of Blood and Champagne... here are a few domestic scenes that I am craving with fervor.

a little rustic, a little mid-century, a whole lot of outdoors.

love the unexpected antique table.

juxtaposition of color, interior, and decor 

modern and clean but comfortable and lived in. 

yes please.

serene color pallet and fabulous wainscoting a-line ceiling.

blank slate complete with perfect floors.

the fridge may not be quite large enough for me, but oh la la: the tiling, grey, and onyx countertop.

May 20, 2014

Shopping: NM Last Call

With all the deal sites and every store having their own website, alerts, weekly and daily emails sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed.  I know I can turn them off, but a part of me wants the opportunity to see what is being offered out there and how they are doing it.  That is how I got sucked in to shopping yesterday evening.  Glass of red wine in one hand and the other clacking away on Neiman Marcus Last Call.  Here are some of the items currently in my cart... I just can't decide.


  1. Grey (also in nude) Botkier cross body bag $96
  2. Abalone shell Devon Leigh earrings $147
  3. Multi strap Diane Von Furstenberg platform sandal $137
  4. Red Moschino satchel $290
  5. White leather Pour La Victoire tote $224
  6. Black block heel Steve Madden sandal $69
  7. Black and white Nicole Miller sheath dress $157
  8. Pop of neon Andrew Stevens t-strap sandal $60
  9. Brown ankle Kooba boot $124
  10. Tank French Connection maxi dress $69

May 13, 2014

Weekend in Vancouver BC

This past weekend we journeyed up to Vancouver, a 3 hour drive from Seattle to take it easy.  It was as much about getting away from work, chores, and the everyday, as it was about a change of scenery.  And yes, Seattle and Vancouver do look and feel similar, they are like fraternal twins.  Similar attributes; waterfronts, hipsters, tons of bikes (perhaps I should have left it at hipsters), and good coffee, but they are still quite unique, Seattle with its grunge and hills cascading to the waterfront.  And Vancouver with modern skycraping-condos and flat (woohoo!) sprawling downtown.  Not so much about what we saw but more about what we didn't see... the usual.

Waterfront on Friday

Shopping on Saturday... I think I love this chair, and I KNOW I love the color pallet 

View from hotel

View at night

Beautiful birds at the Aquarium in the Amazon exhibit

May 3, 2014

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