April 7, 2014

Feature: Warby Parker + Architecture for Humanity

When I was asked to look at Warby Parker's newest additions I thought, Awesome!  they have great stuff!  (Apparently my inner voice is not that eloquent.)  And then I realized that I had never personally visited their site, so where does that reaction come from?  Everywhere, my friends wearing their new frames out on our lunch date, or my co-workers asking "which ones make my face look thinner?", or "oh my glasses are here!" (that second one happened last Friday).   Ok, you have this 20/20 girl's attention.

In celebration of Architecture for Humanity's 15th anniversary Warby Parker is releasing two new frames.  Continuing their focus on giving back they will be donating a portion of every pair sold, and as aways, for every pair sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.

Meet Alisin & Fowler

Alisin in English Oak
also comes in Oak Barrel which is a bit darker richer brown.  
I love the color contrast in the frame, unexpected yet versatile.

Fowler in Jet Silver

You make me want a prescription.  Check out the new spring eyeglasses and sunglasses and see where style and quality meet affordability.  And if you are still on the fence, here is some inspiration that shows that fashion and eyeglasses are synonymous. 

above images from the Sartorialist

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