April 9, 2014

Feature: Bonobos Spring Suit Collection

We have all seen it, a cherry blossom here, outdoor seating there, and a brave soul sporting a crop top.  Spring is here and with that wedding season is just around the corner.  It is time to start transitioning your wardrobe and preparing for the inevitable cross-country plane ticket to your of-course-I'm-coming friend's wedding.  And while I can't help with the obligatory dancing, I can make sure you'll look good doing it.

Bonobos recently launched their Spring suit collection using lightweight italian wool, breathable cotton, and Tollegno linen letting you cool off before the social pressure is on.

I've included links to my favorites for wedding season.  If you're looking to give the groomsmen a bit of a boost then check out Groomservice and help them find the perfect attire.

colorful bowties complete the look

I personally am loving the seersucker suit. 

Don't forget your shirt

If you're one to accessorize

Hope you enjoy!

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