March 20, 2014

Feature: Mule shoes

You all know that mules are in.  they are so easy to wear, so whats the hold up? perhaps the fery fact that makes them gorgeous, makes them hard to wear... the heal.  I am determined to wear them.  Here are my favorites... some of them I actually can wear and walk in.  The last ones are definitely for me.

Will you  try any on this season?  And why mules  Some argue that it is not quite summer (true for the Seattle area) toe season so why not start with a little heel?  And some will say that it has been too long since the mule had it's day.  The Belenciaga's are the only ones I can stand to wear.

As Jarod Kintz said “If sex were shoes, I'd wear you out. But I wouldn't wear you out in public.” 

That is my feeling on mules.  I love them but sadly the truly prized designs in my collection will need regular dusting. 


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