February 16, 2014

Curated Sunday Shopping

Happy Sunday!

Remember when Etsy first came out?  Cute, crafty and very granola.  Have you looked recently?  It is amazing, full of established artisans, and brands it has become my go to place to shop.

Other that amazing finds, why do I love shopping there?

  • Reasonable prices (there is no middle man)
  • Customer ratings for the shops and products
  • Tons of custom options
  • Great customer service
Because I feel so strongly about Etsy, shopping, and styling yourself based on what you (not just what you could find in stores) see yourself becoming.  I started curating a shop from all my favorite vendors including home, apparel, accessories, art and more.  While editing from my favorite vendors I had two things on my list: 
  1. Make it easy for any one that craves style, creating a one stop shop for all my followers
  2. Everything must be stand alone, you don't need to buy a whole look just start collecting pieces you love.
{sample of items from my shop}

Some of the vendors currently in my shop:
Jenn Lee Designs
Paper & Clay Studio
The Anatolian
Pigeon Toe Ceramics
Petit JuJu
Betsy & Iya

I am always editing more items for the shop so keep checking back...

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