January 10, 2013

Love on the Web: Vintage World Globes

Recently I have been on a mad hunt for a really stand out vintage globe.  I have a passion for history and love the idea of a globe thats a bit out of date, to see how the world used to look, so to say.  When browsing the web  to bring you all the most fascinating (and for sale!) pieces I also dug up a bit of history.  The earliest model of a globe is attributed to modern day Turkey in the mid second century B.C. .  Sadly none of the earliest models survived the middle ages.  In 1507 we see the beginning of the pirate lore of sea creatures when "here be dragons" first arrived on the globe.  Over the years there have been hundred of different designs, re-designs, constructions, styles, you name it.  There have been globes made for ships, spaceships, throne rooms, sculptures, necklaces, and even your own desk.  The materials have been equally varied using wax, paper, animal hide, wood, and metal.

Today I'm sticking with paper.  Maybe today I'll get to take one of these home with me.

January 7, 2013

Wedding: In the pale

Love the muted and pale tones for a wedding.  It brings all the attention to the people, and location, without the over stimulus that bright colors can bring.  Don't get me wrong, I love color, but this pallet is my favorite.

Check out this Color Scheme Designer

Leaving in style - LOVE IT!

Elegant lace and chiffon pleating details - I wish I could see the entire dress, gorgeous! 

January 6, 2013

Happy Sunday!

1.Abondance, France 
2. This is so me, seriously, I am not allowed to buy more button ups! 
3. Little Annapurna

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2013! Boost your glamour routine. Grab the nail polish, face scrub, and deep conditioner. Give 2013 the best start you've got!

Here are some of my favorite beauty routines:
The scrub and mask are two favorites and tips for hair and skin

{Gloria Vanderbilt}

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