August 20, 2012

Travel: Port Townsend Washington

I made time tonight to go through the pictures from my recent trip to Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula.  I went for a long weekend and I think I had coffee/food/drink on just about every patio and balcony on the water while I was there.  There is something so hypnotizing about the waves, the sound lulls you to sleep, and staring puts you in a trance.  So relaxing I can't wait to go back, and only two hours from Seattle, I won't be away for long.
Check out the pictures ad my recommendations and the end of the post.
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Where to stay: The Swan, The Tides Inn
Where to eat: still looking for the perfect spot!  In the mean time I'll live off Elevated ice cream.
Where to "hydrate":  Sirens (good drinks, decent food, AMAZING view)
Where to caffeinate: Better Living Through Coffee
Where to shop: The Conservatory, The Summer House, The Green Eye Shade, and the art galleries are        fun to look through

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