August 25, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Thats where I'd like to be this weekend... you?

1.  Seen J. Crew's handbag and shoe shop?  Here is my favorite.
2.  Favorite FOOD Pinterest board.
3.  Loving the sea right now.  Check out the rest of the site.
4.  I'm going to have to try the Kool-aid.
5.  Apparently even Karl love cats.

August 23, 2012

Eat: Cake!

I am not the biggest fan of cakes.  My mother makes amazing and delicious wedding cakes and I think over the years I appreciate cakes more and more with my eyes than my taste buds.  I'm more of an ice cream gal.  Nevertheless cakes are a beautiful addition to any party.  I have selected some of my all time favorite (mostly wedding) cakes to share with all of you so I hope you enjoy!




August 20, 2012

Travel: Port Townsend Washington

I made time tonight to go through the pictures from my recent trip to Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula.  I went for a long weekend and I think I had coffee/food/drink on just about every patio and balcony on the water while I was there.  There is something so hypnotizing about the waves, the sound lulls you to sleep, and staring puts you in a trance.  So relaxing I can't wait to go back, and only two hours from Seattle, I won't be away for long.
Check out the pictures ad my recommendations and the end of the post.
Thanks for reading!

Where to stay: The Swan, The Tides Inn
Where to eat: still looking for the perfect spot!  In the mean time I'll live off Elevated ice cream.
Where to "hydrate":  Sirens (good drinks, decent food, AMAZING view)
Where to caffeinate: Better Living Through Coffee
Where to shop: The Conservatory, The Summer House, The Green Eye Shade, and the art galleries are        fun to look through

 Check out my last post inspired by this getaway...

August 18, 2012

Shopping: city to the sea

This weekend I made my escape from the city to the sea.  A lot of walking, some shopping, but mostly staring at the waves and distant islands.  I have tried to memorize the sound of the surf on the shore and vowed that I would visit the water more often.  I live in seattle for goodness sake, it shouldn't be that hard.

Here are some escape inspired finds to help bring a nautical touch to your home.

(each item links to wear you can buy)


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