March 31, 2011

Article: Haute on fashion: the vest

Vests are huge this season, one of the few pieces that you can snatch directly from the runway without toning it down.  The best way to wear a vest is to go classic.  Bohemian, cropped, and Hippie styles will be here and gone in the blink of an eye, but the classic vest, will stay present for the next few seasons at least.  You last saw this style strong in the 90’s, since then a few women have carried it through to now.

The classic vest creates flattering lines for a woman’s body, beginning with a “v” cut neckline and ending with a length that ends at the hip.  You can belt it; wear it with a tee shirt, blouse, or tank top, pair it with a wide leg trouser, crop, or skinny pant.  Perhaps now you can see why the fashion gods have chosen the vest to make an ostentatious return.

Here is the key, the secret, and the inside scoop to wearing the classic vest: show some skin.  Weather you do that with a tank top, a deep “v” neck top, an above the knee skirt, that is up to you, just pick one piece to show some skin and the rest keep long and lean.

Go shopping have some fun, and invest in a classic vest for spring, summer and beyond.

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