February 22, 2011

Fashion: Haute Shoes

Shoes that make you say wow. These shoes will also help keep you on track when you're shopping for that new spring pair (or 4 or 5 spring pairs). Next time you're out and about casually or seriously shoe shopping, load this post on your phone and look for shoe cousins, unless you ar so lucky to be able to run out and by the Lanivn's or Balenciaga's shown below. Shoe cousins are closely related or inspired by the drool worthy uber designer shoe. If you keep an eye out for the cousins, you will be much happier with your wallet, and your fashion choices. This spring and summer look for pieces that you haven't seen before. If the sandals you're looking at remind you of last years gladiators, then don't buy them. Fashion is cyclical, but evolving. Look for pieces that have "evolved" since they where last in style.

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