February 10, 2011

The perfect Recipe for your Valentine

Valentine's day is around the corner and I dont know about you, but I am still trying to figure out what direction I want to fo in as far as food. Breakfast in bed, a nice dinner out then home for dessert, or cook something together? I love cooking and whenever I want a new recipe, or want to look at some beautiful food and talented people, one of the places I head to is design*sponge's "in the kitchen with" segments. I have complied some great ideas for whatever direction you decide to go in for the big V-day.

rhubarb and strawberry compote
{love the cute bowl, it add a lot. great dessert if you want to keep it light after a big dinner}

Plum marsala sorbet
White chocolate soup
{how delicious sounding! I am very curious about this one.}
Crumpets & fruit curd
{a cute addition to a romantic brunch}
Soft center chocolate pudding
{Chocolate: the food of love. Need I say more?}
{Fun couples activity, resulting in a fun and fabulous dinner. This would be my pick, but unfortunately we make it all year round so it wouldn't seem that special.}
Red velvet cake
{so many options, cupcakes, large cake, heart shaped cake pan, or mini cup cakes depending on your love of red velvet. Love the vibrant color!}
fresh fig mini pies with honey mascarpone cream
{figs, they're and aphrodisiac!}

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