February 2, 2011

Fashion highlights of the SAG Awards: The good, bad, and the ugly

SUNDAY January 30th at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angles was the Screen Actors Guild Awards. While an audience inside waited to see who would be voted to win the numerous awards by their peers, an audience at home waited to see what they wore. With Paparazzi from every news source and tabloid each dress and tux was captured from all angles. As much as we love these ladies, honesty is the best policy and after all, it’s just a dress. After analyzing and researching, here are the best and worst dressed of the SAG Awards.

As with life, you can’t always be on your game, these celebs were definitely off theirs. While they were not the worst dressed by any means, their look needed some tweaking. Maybe their stylists decided to take a nap instead of helping their client with the ensemble? We know they can look better, we’ve seen it.
*Natalie Portman – Smash hit at the Golden Globes where her dress had the right idea; to float out from the belly, not hug it. The SAG awards dress was a bad fit that could have been fixed with a little more fabric added to the bodice.

Amy Poehler – This dress needed to be altered, it was a bad fit, and not glamorous enough for the SAG awards. Love the nude shoes though, giving Amy a longer leg. Wear this ensemble to dinner instead, after the alterations are done of course. A dress should fit well, even for dinner.

Angie Harmon – Wow, more of a costume piece than an awards dress. Did it really need a train and a corset top? Change the train to an a-line skirt, the bodice to a plain structured satin, and maybe it would have done better in the fashion world

Eva Longoria Parker - Love the idea of the dress, but it sits too low on the waist. If only some alterations had been suggested. Pull up the dress, shorten the frontal straps, and continue the bandaging from her tiny waist to around the top of her bum, then you would have been able to see her figure.

**Sofia Vergara – Beautiful color on her and the red carpet, but like Miss Jones at the Golden Globes, this dress is too boobalicous. A little more coverage on the sides and front would be perfect.

*Dianna Agron – A favorite at the Globes, but this time on the red carpet, not so much. The neckline is too high of a sweetheart, the hair and makeup are not right for a vintage Chanel haute couture dress, and the plain black shoes do nothing. The dress is cute, but sadly nothing else is.

These ladies were definitely looking good for the SAG Awards but sadly a few alterations there, or a new shoe here would have bumped them off of this list and on to the best dressed list.

Julie Bowen – This look is modern, sexy, and definitely a risk that worked, just not for the SAG awards. Julie, keep this jumpsuit for your next fancy dinner or a night out. It is just not glamorous enough for the awards.

**Sarah Hyland – Beautiful style, color, fit and overall look. It is lacking a wow factor from kicking it up to the next level, but still a favorite.

Rosario Dawson – The fit may be a little off, but the “retro Hollywood” look does well on her. Those earrings are right on trend too.

Mila Kunis – Love the fit, belt, print and color. However, because the color blends into the red carpet and the dress pools a bit, it makes her look short. Some options would have been to cut the dress up a few inches in the front so you could see her feet in undoubtedly super high heels, or change the pattern color.

Amy Adams – White is great for the red carpet. Amy looks chic, sleek, and current, but is lacking something different and exciting.

*Hilary Swank – Lovely color and details, but her stylist should have used an under garment to lift up her chest a bit.

*Claire Danes – Beautiful print and colors, but her belt was distracting. Her stylist should have snipped off the piece that trailed, or changed to something less casual for a more polished look.

**Lea Michele – Had an almost perfect look. This was "less is more" on the red carpet. If only there was a little less cleavage, people would not have been distracted by the possibility of a slip up.

Unfortunately, these ladies were a little more than off their game. Some of them may have been on a different planet when getting ready for the show. Luckily, there is always another opportunity for redemption. Maybe it is time to try a new stylist.

Kim Kardashian – A one shoulder AGAIN on Kim. Her stylist should encourage her to move on, and even though she has those infamous curves, the gown does not show them off. She looks like a retired opera diva that still loves to hog the spotlight and sparkle.

*Melissa Leo – Missed the mark completely-- unflattering fit, fabric, style, and with bad shoes. But come to think of it, I don’t know who this dress would look good on.

Jennifer Lawrence – This dress was missing the mark on many points that could have been fixed. The torso didn’t fit well, the hot pink was fun but the black was too harsh, and matchy matchy with the shoes and bag. Taking off the belt, adding a gold Louboutin shoe, jeweled clutch, diamond studs, and a little looser hair would have changed the entire look. I just hope she doesn’t have a stylist, because Jennifer is new to the carpet, and it takes time to learn how to wear a dress instead of letting it wear you.

**Winona Ryder - Wedding dress, vintage style black purse and deer-in-the-headlights look, enough said.

*Christina Hendricks – Did Elvira dye her hair? Unfortunately, there is nothing salvageable here.

Nicole Kidman – Once again, she looked matronly. The necklace is confusing the fit through the torso is off, and why the gathered frumpy sleeve? Not a fan of her last red carpet appearance at the Golden Globes? Take another look, it looks amazing now.

Kate Mara – There is too much going on here, the dress is wearing her. Who chose the headband? Did this look really need anything else? No.

Jenna Ficher – One word: frumpy.

*Lauren Velez – This ensemble looks as if she saved a psychedelic party top from Halloween last year, and combined it with grandma’s skirt. Not to mention the dated hair, makeup and shoes. She would have been better off wearing one of her skirt suits from Dexter instead.

*Paz de la huerta – Wow. It’s a little scary-bad, or maybe a lot scary-bad.

Best dressed ladies had it together on the red carpet. Though all the ladies I have mentioned in this article are beautiful, lovely people, these select few brought it home for the SAG Awards.

**Jayma Mays – Love this look. It is retro and effortless. Perhaps a different shoe would have looked even better.

*Jane Leeves – She has come a long was from the fashions on Frasier. Perfect fit, glamorous, and makes you take notice in a good way.
Mariska Hargitay – Her gown pops off the red carpet with great accessories and a perfect fit.

*January Jones – Beautiful lace, very on trend. It is nice to know that she looks great even with a high neck and sleeves. Perfect makeup as well.

Heather Morris- Beautiful detailed bodice with a Grecian skirt. The look didn’t photograph well, but it was still a hit!

Jane Krakowski – She beats Natalie Portman on the red carpet as the best looking pregnant lady. She looks like she is ready to party for two!

*These ladies where the epitome of their category.
**Favorites in the categories, for better or for worse.

Photos: Getty Eva Longoria Parker Photo: JustJared.buzznet.com

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