February 22, 2011

Fashion: Haute Shoes

Shoes that make you say wow. These shoes will also help keep you on track when you're shopping for that new spring pair (or 4 or 5 spring pairs). Next time you're out and about casually or seriously shoe shopping, load this post on your phone and look for shoe cousins, unless you ar so lucky to be able to run out and by the Lanivn's or Balenciaga's shown below. Shoe cousins are closely related or inspired by the drool worthy uber designer shoe. If you keep an eye out for the cousins, you will be much happier with your wallet, and your fashion choices. This spring and summer look for pieces that you haven't seen before. If the sandals you're looking at remind you of last years gladiators, then don't buy them. Fashion is cyclical, but evolving. Look for pieces that have "evolved" since they where last in style.

To see more of the hottest shoes Style.com

February 21, 2011

Feature: Lonny Mag

I look at tons of new blogs and Magazines everyday and sometime my favorites slip through the cracks. I love Lonny Magazine. Beautifully edited, with great pictures, tips, information, and inspiration. I remembered seeing Michelle Adams (editor-in-chief of Lonny Mag) on the Nate Berkus Show several days ago, and exclaimed "Lonny!" and that is how this feature came to be.
Below are pictures from the Feburary issue. Be sure to take a moment and read the entire mag, as well as previous issues. I think I might have to brew a pot of tea and take my own advice when I'm done here. Enjoy!

All photos from Lonny Magazine

February 20, 2011

Happy Sunday!

A little Bardot in honor of the end of New York Fashion Week...

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Beautiful story and wedding here in Seattle (Seattle area to be precise)

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February 17, 2011

Article: Summary of Fashion Week: What to Remember when shopping for your fall wardrobe.

Although it is only Feburary the fashion world has fast forward to fall. To make the most out of your wardrobe, and future shopping trips it will be helpful to know the top trends from the runway that you will be wearing this fall. While there will be several imposing looks hitting the stores, 1970’s, and menswear will be the most popular and wearable. The designers listed epitomized the recycled trends in a fresh way that will make you excited when the leaves change.

Sophie Theallet Earth tones and bright hues comprise the fall palette shown with supple satins and structured wool. Feminine cuts focus on the waist, completed with drape detailing.

Vera Wang Light chiffon pleats and ruffles play on a masculine palette while heavy knits and bold furs create balance. This collection carries the 1970's vibe while also having a 1920's feel.

Altuzarra Retro feminine floral prints in rusts and browns contrast with heavy knit tops and boxy masculine jackets in cool grays. All together creates a balenced look of warm and cool colors as well as feminine and masculine.

Donna Karan The monochromatic palette is given interest through feminine draping and ruching. Supple fabrics and fur detailing make the collection supremely elegant. Donna Karan know a woman's body, and once again shows you what a lady can be.

Doo.Ri This collection is casual modern American sportswear for everyday. Cozy knits with structured seams mixed with long flowing pants and jackets comprise the monochromatic collection. These pieces can be mixed and matched with what is already in your closet.

Halston It is all about what isn’t there. No embellishments, just draping, wrapping, and layering. Detailing in this sublime collection is shown through textures of fur, suede, and silk. It is perfectly simplistic and easy to wear.

Rebecca Taylor Light weight colorful feminine floral prints paired with retro neutrals and winter coats. This collection is full of prints, colored bow belts, and bold necklaces to make you feel like a lady.

Keep an eye open for these looks at your favorite retailers in all price ranges come fall. And remember when shopping, think Annie Hall.

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

{Print: Aflori $25}

There is only one happiness in life,
to love and be loved.

- George Sand -

February 11, 2011

Article: Fashions for a date (or no date) Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is here once again. Whether you choose to celebrate it with your valentine, or give it the cold shoulder, you should still look good, if for no one else than for yourself and St. Valentine. There are several ways to go about dressing festively; there is the blatant wearing of hearts, the red and pink outfits, or the “romantic” dressing. It should be advised to go with the latter. The ensemble will look special and festive for a nice dinner out, or perhaps just staying in with fondue for two.

For the dinner out: you may see a lot of fellow diners going a bit overboard with the implied theme. The theme that hardly anyone gets right is the “romantic” look. Most tend to translate “romantic” into short and tight red satin with sky-high pumps that the wearer can’t really walk in. In the hopes that you will not be put in this category, try this on for size: cute and feminine red dress (twill, not satin for a better look and fit) for the focus of the ensemble, topped with a fun cropped sequined jacket in light gold and silver with a nude chiffon trim. Nude colored classic pumps creating a longer leg, and a neutral clutch covered in chiffon rosettes to create texture and interest. Lastly, simple petite gold heart earrings completing the festive “romantic” look with out going overboard.

For going out with the girlfriends: fun is the name of the game. Start with a light sweater dress woven with metallic and nude threads and top that with a fun hot pink trench coat. For shoes, you want something fun, an open toe black leather bootie perhaps? Then, the icing on the cake, a hand made wired “love” necklace and gunmetal clutch. This will look fun, and give a nod to St. Valentine.

No plans means shopping: it is hard to feel festive when you don’t have any exciting plans. This is the perfect time to go shopping and pick something up that makes you feel festive, but you know you will wear all year round. Grab yourself a latte and keep an eye out for these fun festive fashions. A gold and sterling silver heart necklace, or jeweled ring can add a sweet touch to any outfit. A red velvet bow inspired clutch, or perhaps some red velvet on hot pink-jeweled flats? Some beautiful undergarments are always fun to buy for yourself. Or maybe splurge on a lovely pair of Alexander McQueen lace covered pumps.

Some basic guidelines for putting an outfit together this February 14th: Don’t wear anything that is “just for Valentine’s Day.” If you never wear 4-inch heels don’t start that evening. If you’re determined to be taller, then wear those sky-high heels around your house for a couple weeks to practice. And lastly, less is not more. Don’t push the limits of your hemline, or wear anything that requires tape to hold it in place, if you can see anything that can be called lingerie, then best save that for later.

Original article posted on Examiner.com by Courtney Clark

February 10, 2011

The perfect Recipe for your Valentine

Valentine's day is around the corner and I dont know about you, but I am still trying to figure out what direction I want to fo in as far as food. Breakfast in bed, a nice dinner out then home for dessert, or cook something together? I love cooking and whenever I want a new recipe, or want to look at some beautiful food and talented people, one of the places I head to is design*sponge's "in the kitchen with" segments. I have complied some great ideas for whatever direction you decide to go in for the big V-day.

rhubarb and strawberry compote
{love the cute bowl, it add a lot. great dessert if you want to keep it light after a big dinner}

Plum marsala sorbet
White chocolate soup
{how delicious sounding! I am very curious about this one.}
Crumpets & fruit curd
{a cute addition to a romantic brunch}
Soft center chocolate pudding
{Chocolate: the food of love. Need I say more?}
{Fun couples activity, resulting in a fun and fabulous dinner. This would be my pick, but unfortunately we make it all year round so it wouldn't seem that special.}
Red velvet cake
{so many options, cupcakes, large cake, heart shaped cake pan, or mini cup cakes depending on your love of red velvet. Love the vibrant color!}
fresh fig mini pies with honey mascarpone cream
{figs, they're and aphrodisiac!}

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