January 17, 2011

Tips for Throwing a Spring Party

Spring is just around the corner. If you're anything like me, you are determined to be more organized, and more on top of everything this year. This includes party planning. In order to throw a spring soirée that will have everyone talking, here are some tips and tricks to the perfect evening.
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Tips & Tricks

1} Save yourself time, while still being noteworthy. Purchase POST for $1.99, create and send unique notes and invitations from your phone. [pictured]
2} instead of using dishes for all your foods, use jars to hold strawberries, or candies.[pictured]
3} Bring the indoors out. take some throw pillows to the patio furniture.
4} Don't worry about decorating the table, just place some potted plants in the middle. Staggering the pot sizes and colors create more dimension.
5} layer a couple simple cotton sheets instead of a table cloth.
6} for more lighting, put christmas lights on the floor, under a floor length tablecloth. It creates a subtle glow as the sun goes down.
7} Lighting makes a party, for the outdoors, more is MORE!
8} Serve cold foods, use your fingers, and provide napkins.
9} Every drink is more fun with straws, just buy fun straws! [Pictured]
10} Use some paper! Super popular as decor, hang a string of mini pennants of a fence, or inside on a mantle. [Pictured]

...remember, its not a party without a party dress.

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