January 11, 2011

Picasso at the SAM

Going to see the Picasso Exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum...

Here are some of the pieces on display. If you'd like to see more check out this link. They have hundreds in the museum right now.

{Portrait of Dora Maar, 1937}
{Portrait of Olga in an Armchair, Fall 1918}

{Sacré-Coeur, Winter 1909–10}
My favorite, I'd love a print of this one!

Also on display at the SAM...

{Above two prints by: Sam Gilliam}
I LOVE the colors! It makes me think of tons of fireworks in Technicolor.

This piece is a staple at the sam along with the mouse. This "armor" is made out of military dog tags.

{Die Welle by Anselm Kiefer}

Not lacking in texture! I also love all the muted tones, there really are a lot of different colors in this one too.

{Blue, Green, Red II By Ellsworth Kelly}

Leaving the SAM, and the Giant Hammering Man...

Want to learn more about the SAM? check the Wiki page and Website. Plan a trip to see Picasso, the exhibit leaves Monday!

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