January 14, 2011

Pink can be the NEW PINK

True Story:

I was randomly thinking yesterday while polishing off a glass of wine, "what is my favorite color"? I love color, however I am also scared of it in real life. I know that if did something truly bold like electric blue I would want to change it to something else about every other day. All these colorful rooms kept flashing through my head, and I realized that although I do love color, these are the spaces I post that make me say "wow" [black & White, Naturals, & White] I know there are tons of colorful spaces that make me say "wow" too, so I pledge to find them and make my room love, a little more colorful.

Back to my favorite color... I decided it's pink, "but not a girly pink", I thought to myself, "a modern, sleek, adult pink." Then today I was just clicking around, and I remembered the Pantone color for 2011. "Victory" I said aloud.

The 2011 Pantone color is:

Here are rooms that prove that adults can love pink too.
This is all from Ikea! Great Design Tamara
{House Beautiful via Apartment Therapy}

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