January 6, 2011

Keeping it clean... Surface Clean Bedrooms

Todays mission that I chose to accept was to surface clean the bedrooms, like putting away the clothes, dusting, a general "tidying" of the space. I have 3 bedrooms, but I'm currently using one as an office, so I can cross that on off my list. I'll be tackling that tomorrow. I approach the first bedroom armed only with a dry Swiffer cloth. This is the guest room, luckily, because I had company over the Holidays, the room is not a mess, however the sheets need to be changed and the bed made, also some dusting, I don't know where all the dust comes from! Start timer, and open the door. I start by changing the sheets and making the bed (I stop the clock while I'm searching the linen closet for another sheet set, after all the task is to "surface clean") then I start dusting the two windows, frames and shutters, then the nightstands lamp, dresser and TV. Voila! Now on to the master bedroom.

I have been putting this off for a while, there just always seams to be something more pressing to take care of. I walk up to the master, new Swiffer cloth in hand, and look at the hills and valleys of clothes, towels, sheets, and blankets populating the floor and what once was a chair for sitting. I wish I brought a bulldozer instead. Here is a HUGE tip that I use in many areas of my life. When overwhelmed, take a deep breath, exhale, then dive into the task like you're being timed (which in this case I am), going quickly, I make up the 2 seconds it took to breath and try to tidy the bedroom in the 9 something minutes that I have left. Dirty clothes in the hamper, make the bed, pile of clothes to fold, a pile to hang, separate socks and undies for their respective drawers. The 20 mins are up. I think I have another 20 mins ahead of me, but I have been accumulating this lazy disaster for some time now, it would take some Hollywood magic to have tidied it in the 9ish mins I had left. So as before, I set another timer and get back to work determined that next time I will do both bedrooms in 20 mins or less! when I was done sorting and dusting, and wiping off the night stands it had beed another 26:52 mins. Well, they say "Rome wasn't built in a day" the same goes for my bedroom, it takes a lot of laziness and longs days to get it to that discouraging state, I'm just shocked it only took me 36ish mins to turn the unyielding heaps back into a chair, dresser and floor. Now how long can I keep this up?

4. Surface clean "extra" rooms (basement, office, play room)

Refresh: Day 1, Day 2,

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