January 5, 2011

Keeping it clean... Bathrooms

Here it goes, day two, bathrooms. I have 3 toilets, one 6ft bathtub, large glass shower, and 3 toilets. I'm sure you all can appreciate that this is no small task. I normally clean them intermittently, depending on their usage frequency. So no "normal" cleaning schedule. If I continue with this regimen I will continue to clean when needed, but I will be sure to do an entire clean a couple times a month.

So, I set the timer infront of my closet of cleaning supplies, and in a few seconds, and 4 feet I was in the first bathroom. Cleaning from top to bottom (however, mirrors go last incase I splash them with water from the faucet) I use the Lysol disinfectant wipes for most everything, windex for mirror and pictures, Lysol gel toilet bowl cleaner, Lysol bathroom disinfectant and soap scum remover (for the showers/tubs), dry Swiffer, and Swiffer sheets for cleaning the floor, dusting towel racks and frames.

The first bathroom was the smallest, I was finished quickly, then rushed up the stairs to the second level. Here I encountered a large full bath with over sized tub and large mirror. Cleaning top to bottom, I spray down the tub, and shower curtain, letting the cleaner do all the dirty work. Squirt the gel cleaner in the toilet bowl (the gel clings to the sides and letting it stick and sit means no scrubbing required). Using the same products I Lysol, Windex, and Swiffer, my way out of the second bathroom.

One more flight of stairs, and one more bathroom, this is my bathroom, and usually the messiest. Jewelry strewn across the counter mingles with hair ties, and bobby pins, makeup smudges on the tile, tooth brush splatters on the mirror, and random bits of conditioner stuck to the tile and glass of the shower. This is my bathroom on a bad day, luckily today, my bathroom was only half this bad. Using the same methods and cleaners, I worked my way through the bathroom. Undoubtedly the most time consuming was cleaning the glass shower, trying to figure if that soap scum was on the inside or the outside of the glass. Finally, half giving up scrubbing, I thought I'd try my same technique at the tub downstairs. I wasn't expecting a streak free shine, but I could hope for all the tough soap scum to be melted away with no more labor from me. BEEP BEEEEP BEEEP my time is up, I set a timer, because I wasn't quite done. I squirted the gel in the toilet, and Swiffered my way out the door.

Total Time: 23:36

The only thing I wish I would have had time for was to wash the floors. I think I'll just add that to #16 "deep clean bathrooms", or perhaps make a new task "wash all wood, and tile floors", I'll have to see how the rest of the tasks go. The first bathroom floor gets washed often because its a continuous floor from the living room and kitchen, and the second and third bathroom get washed when they need it. I don't trust mops, I use wet Swiffers, but even then I don't really say the floors are "clean", just "not as dirty". Nope, I'm a hand wash kind'o gal, its the only way to assure you get into all the corners, behind the toilet, and along all the edges without redistributing the dirt. Rubber gloves are my best friend, I keep a box on hand. You just never know what is going to gross you out.

3. Surface clean bedrooms (put away toys, clothes, dust)

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