January 7, 2011

Green Thumb in the City

Many pieces of my life contributed to this post. Thinking of spring coming as it pours down rain outside (it is Seattle after all!), thinking of, and missing my best friend living in NYC, and walking by a florist on my way to get a coffee this morning (can you believe I'm out of coffee beans?!)

Favorite Planter DIYs from Design*Sponge:

I am lucky enough to have a little patio now for my planters packed with plants, but it was not always so. Before I moved, I lived in the thick of it all, in an old apartment on the top floor. I loved it, but it was not conducive to a green thumb, mine was more black anyways so that didn't help either. But, I loved plants, and was determined to have some with me in the city. Even now I don't really have a yard, everything is in pots, and planters. So I would like to share some planting knowledge I've gained for all my fellow urban-dwelling-black-thumbed-plant-lovers!

Easy to grow plants (that I've personally had success with):

*Lavender (getting it to bloom isn't always easy, but it will stay green and smell nice)
*Ground covers (so many to choose from!)
*Cordyline (or purple grass, I leave mine outside year round and it stay purple and fills out a bit) Grasses in general are easy to keep
*African Violets (just don't over water them)
*Basil & Thyme (easy to grow, just make sure they are not over showed by larger plants they need some space and direct sunlight)
*Ivy (in the Northwest it grows like a weed, I have it in a pot and am training it to climb a fence)

This year I hope to add some new plants by wandering around my favorite nursery, and asking which are the "hardest to kill".

Here are some of my favorite planters, all affordable, and available for sale now:

{Click Image to Enlarge}

Now you may be thinking "where is part #4 of the cleaning regimen? Well, I did it, but I wanted to blog about something else today. I'll catch you up tomorrow, after all task #5 is just surface cleaning the living room and kitchen again, nothing new for you guys there.

If you have no idea as to what I am referring, please see this post, and the ones that follow.

Thank you and Happy Friday!

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