January 22, 2011

Where would you live?

Apartment therapy you've done it again. Another post I couldn't pass up with out sharing it. With all the different home styles that are out there which one fo you love the most?

High rise - I could definitely live in this right now
Cozy cottage - I would like to have this as a vacation house overlooking the sea. Something reminiscent of "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"

Farmhouse - I'd like to be here with grand kids (I have a ways to go!), or maybe become a millionaire, and buy it for my parents.

Cozy Cabin - 4 months out of the year I want to be here, but right now I have to settle for a weekend.

Craftsman/Bungalow - this is the most popular house style here in Seattle. They are all very craftsman, and all very different.

Victorian - Not my first pick of a house to live in, but with a little paint change this could be an awesome haunted mansion!

Federal - I could live here now, its old, has clean lines, and inside its bound to be open and spacious. Feel free to buy this one for me for Christmas.

New Traditional - This house is a mix of colonial and victorian, keeping some of the pomp, and getting rid of the frills. This house style is also very common in Seattle. While its not my first choice, it would be the bell of the ball at Christmas.

Yurt (along with all the other "others" out there, igloo anyone?) - No, I have no aspirations to live in a yurt, but I have spent a lot of time camping, does that count for the "other" category?

Modernist - I saved my favorite for last. I love the tranquility, and openness in this house photo. Its kind of James Bond Don't you think?

I have the solution, I will live in the high rise as my primary residence, so I can be close to the action and take-out. Then on the weekends, or whenever I feel like it, I'll drive an hour to my tranquil Bond modernist hideaway. Problem solved.

Log in to Apartment Therapy, and take the survey, see if your favorite comes out on top, I was surprised to see which is winning.

Thank you to Sarah Coffey for the wonderful post!

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