January 8, 2011

Keeping it clean... surface clean "extra" rooms

Some elves cobble shoes (I would love a new pair!) in the night, but unfortunately, I didn't get those kind of elves running around my house. I get the clutter kind. They take the papers I thought I filed, and the sewing box I had neatly stowed away, and they put it all over my desk, and the bigger stuff they use to crowd the basement.

Ok I realize that I am my own worst enemy, I get so excited to start a new project, that I don't fully clean up the old one. So my office, which is already trying to be many rooms at once, becomes the place where crafting materials go to wait until the next project spring to life. Yes, everything in my office and basement (my "extra rooms") belongs there, but does a spool of thread belong next to my key board, or precariously stacked CDs by my morning coffee? No, they belong in their places which is exactly where they're going to go, in 20 mins or less.

Start the timer... and GO!
I start at my desk, everything is so random, it takes a while to sort through it all. A wedding invitation, a Christmas newsletter (I've yet to read in full!), and tons of different lip balms. I have to remind my self several times that I'm on a timer, when I see a magazine clipping I love, or a card that I've forgotten who its from. Easily side tracked... thats me! I grabb my Swiffer dusting cloth (already on hand) and start dusting, my computer, shelves above my desk, keyboard (I said this room has a lot of functions, one of them is a music room with several guitars, amps, and a keyboard), window blinds,and sils. I work my way counter clockwise around the room until I end up back at my desk. I am able to put away the last couple odds and ends, and run to my room with a handful of things that belonged in there, I straightened a few items that belonged on my desk. Believing that continuing to surface clean would then be called "organizing" I stopped, 19:27 was my time.

And if you were thinking that I didn't get to any other "extra rooms", you're right. Other than bedrooms, kitchen, and living, I am left with my office and the garage/basement. Office, check, but basement, is a whole other story, that's a day project at least. Now, its not THAT bad, but it can always be better (I'll wait until I sell this recent wave of eBay and craigslist stuff), more organized, and I believe you can always find things in the basement that you can get rid of. After all, it its in the basement, how much can you really use it?

Today.... Task #5 Surface clean living room and kitchen (again) my time: 15:32 much better than last time!

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