January 31, 2011

Shopping the trends: jewelry

The best way to put an outfit together for a night or an entire season is to focus on the accessories. Jewelry is the icing on the cake. This season, the jewelry styles on the runway have been large colorful stones, metals, flowers, and feathers.
Blumarine showed stacks of gold necklaces with bold pendants, Anna Sui focused on feathers and beads, Lanvin worked large broach like pieces on to necklaces and collars, and Marc Jacobs brought spring front and center using flowers to adorn his models.
If you love the fresh spring looks, but can’t exactly buy them off the runway, several inexpensive retailers...

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January 30, 2011

Happy Sunday!

{credit: yeowatzup}

Another week gone in the new year... here are some things you may have missed, or should see again.

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If you're looking for some eye candy make sure you didn't miss the post on "Where would you live?"

This oldie definitely still applies when combining households.

Love Coco's newest pillow shams!

Super sweet California wedding from Snippet & Ink. I thought it took place in the south. The area pictures reminded me of Bill & Sookie (if they ever got married that is).

Thanks for reading! I have some whimsical posts lined up for next week so stay close!

January 25, 2011

Article: What trends to keep from last year

Seasons change leaving you with what were the “hottest trends” hanging in your closet, or crammed to the back of your dresser until the seasons change again. A good habit to form is purging your closet every so often. There are many different opinions on when the best time is to re-evaluate your closet stock. Some will say that once a year, after each season, or if you haven’t worn something in a number of months. But the best way to re-evaluate you current closet stock is to purge for the same season last year. For example, right now is the time to sort through your spring and summer clothes you wore last year to decide what to donate, buy and wear again this year.
Because trends are fleeting, are you supposed to get an entirely new wardrobe every season?

If you would like to read more: What trends to keep from last year

January 24, 2011

Article: What spring means for your closet

Spring comes slowly here in Seattle, but when it arrives you can face it head on, looking fabulous.

Feed your closet cravings early with the new spring trends; prints, minimalism, lace, and color along with an underlying 70’s throwback. Emilio Pucci highlighted the throwback showing lace up tops and pants (worthy of Travolta), scarf headbands, and fringe in their spring show. Gucci focused on bold color combinations, while Jil Sander kept it long, lean, and clean on the runway.

If you want to read more go to: What spring means for your closet - Seattle Fashion | Examiner.com

January 23, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday! Here are some things you may have missed, or just need to revisit.

My premiere article as a Seattle Fashion Examiner (specifically writing about trends)
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Look at these lovely whimsical drawings by Julia Denos

Beautiful Anniversary photos at 100 Layer Cake

Great case for you iPhone or iPod at mariforssell

Love these earrings at LeeOhio, look and see what else is in the shop

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January 22, 2011

Where would you live?

Apartment therapy you've done it again. Another post I couldn't pass up with out sharing it. With all the different home styles that are out there which one fo you love the most?

High rise - I could definitely live in this right now
Cozy cottage - I would like to have this as a vacation house overlooking the sea. Something reminiscent of "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"

Farmhouse - I'd like to be here with grand kids (I have a ways to go!), or maybe become a millionaire, and buy it for my parents.

Cozy Cabin - 4 months out of the year I want to be here, but right now I have to settle for a weekend.

Craftsman/Bungalow - this is the most popular house style here in Seattle. They are all very craftsman, and all very different.

Victorian - Not my first pick of a house to live in, but with a little paint change this could be an awesome haunted mansion!

Federal - I could live here now, its old, has clean lines, and inside its bound to be open and spacious. Feel free to buy this one for me for Christmas.

New Traditional - This house is a mix of colonial and victorian, keeping some of the pomp, and getting rid of the frills. This house style is also very common in Seattle. While its not my first choice, it would be the bell of the ball at Christmas.

Yurt (along with all the other "others" out there, igloo anyone?) - No, I have no aspirations to live in a yurt, but I have spent a lot of time camping, does that count for the "other" category?

Modernist - I saved my favorite for last. I love the tranquility, and openness in this house photo. Its kind of James Bond Don't you think?

I have the solution, I will live in the high rise as my primary residence, so I can be close to the action and take-out. Then on the weekends, or whenever I feel like it, I'll drive an hour to my tranquil Bond modernist hideaway. Problem solved.

Log in to Apartment Therapy, and take the survey, see if your favorite comes out on top, I was surprised to see which is winning.

Thank you to Sarah Coffey for the wonderful post!

January 20, 2011

Keeping it clean... update

You may think that I have forgotten about my cleaning regimen, but I haven't. There has been so many other things I have wanted to write about, and I figured that my previous articles gave you a good sense of my cleaning styles, so I have kept record of my cleaning times. I am hoping that if you feel discouraged about cleaning using this method, knowing that I am still trying to continue (even though some of my times are a little over the 20 minute target) and finish the month. Wether or not I repeat this method for month two, well... the jury is out.

Task #1 Time: 36:05
- Surface clean living room and kitchen (pick up stray items, dust, sweep, vacuum)
Task #2 Time: 23:36 -
Clean bathrooms (toilets, showers, floors, walls, mirrors)
Task #3 Time: 26:52 -
Surface clean bedrooms (put away toys, clothes, dust)
Task #4 Time: 19:25 -
Surface clean "extra" rooms (basement, office, play room)

Task #5 Time: 15:32 - Surface clean living room and kitchen - Look how much time was cut off, I just did this 4 days ago!
Task #6 Time: 20:16 - Clean bathrooms - Not bad for 3 bathrooms
Task #7 Time: 27:35 -
Clean all interior windows - I have tons of windows it feels. 4 small square window, 7 standard large windows, one large oddly shaped window, and french doors. It was a bit teadious, but they were dirtier than I expected, and I'm glad I did it.
Task #8 Time: 40:23 -
Sweep and vacuum all floors in the house - I have 3 flights of stairs, and 3 stories that have to be swept or vacuumed... I'm tired.
Task #9 Time: 21:52 -
Surface clean bedrooms
Task #10 Time: 14:56 -
Deep clean living room (mirrors, baseboards, dust artwork) - Pretty much just dusting molding, and a few paintings.

Task #11 Time: 21:47 - Clean bathrooms - How do they get dirty so fast? I have kept the bathrooms picked up, but it still needed all the cleaning, and I only did this 5 days ago.
Task #12 Time: 18:58 - Clean out closets (hang up clothes, mittens, jackets, hats) - wow, this needs to be a weekend project. I was able to get everything done at a satisfactory level, but I'd really love to gut the closets and sell a bunch of stuff.

Task #13 Time: 14:28 - Surface clean "extra" rooms - a little random paper mess in the office, then the rest of the time was tidying up the garage/basement, until I felt that any more would be deep cleaning/organizing.
Task #14 Time: 38:52 - Deep clean bedrooms (organize drawers, check under bed, tidy closet, dust artwork, fans, lights, mop) - I was fine until it came to organizing the drawers. I think its time to get rid of some socks and undies....
Task #15 Time: 12:56 -
Surface clean living room and kitchen

15 Tasks left, it is definitely getting to be a chore, but it is helping me get more organized, and learn more cleaning tricks which I will use in my own cleaning system that I will publish once I have completed this one.

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January 18, 2011

Golden Globe "nude" Fashions

So many trends this year at the Golden Globes. The long sleeves (Anne Hathaway, Angelina Jolie, Leigton Meester and more), bright colors (Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kyra Sedgwick, CLaire Danes, and more), and sparkle (Olivia Wilde, Amber Riley, Carrie Underwood, and more) my favorite trend was the nude tones. Stylists had said that the nude trend was out for 2011, I remember reading with a pout, because I love the nudes, blushes, and vanillas. Well it seems as though it will be another year for nudes, the Golden Globes has a strong nude presence this year, seaming to say that it's ok for 2011.

I have selected my favorite nude dresses, trying to weed out the whites, creams, and pinks (there where a lot of those too!).
{Click image to enlarge}

I intend to do a best a and worst dressed too, so stay posted.

For more Globe fashion coverage: eonline, moviefone, MTV, and Just Jared

January 17, 2011

Tips for Throwing a Spring Party

Spring is just around the corner. If you're anything like me, you are determined to be more organized, and more on top of everything this year. This includes party planning. In order to throw a spring soirée that will have everyone talking, here are some tips and tricks to the perfect evening.
{click image to enlarge}
Tips & Tricks

1} Save yourself time, while still being noteworthy. Purchase POST for $1.99, create and send unique notes and invitations from your phone. [pictured]
2} instead of using dishes for all your foods, use jars to hold strawberries, or candies.[pictured]
3} Bring the indoors out. take some throw pillows to the patio furniture.
4} Don't worry about decorating the table, just place some potted plants in the middle. Staggering the pot sizes and colors create more dimension.
5} layer a couple simple cotton sheets instead of a table cloth.
6} for more lighting, put christmas lights on the floor, under a floor length tablecloth. It creates a subtle glow as the sun goes down.
7} Lighting makes a party, for the outdoors, more is MORE!
8} Serve cold foods, use your fingers, and provide napkins.
9} Every drink is more fun with straws, just buy fun straws! [Pictured]
10} Use some paper! Super popular as decor, hang a string of mini pennants of a fence, or inside on a mantle. [Pictured]

...remember, its not a party without a party dress.

January 16, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Love this picture?

Check out the full post from one of my favorite lovely blogs Concrete & Honey.
I could easily peruse that site for hours, now thats a good way to spend a Sunday (and reading my blog too! :)

Be sure to check out any posts you may have missed, or want to see again. Some newbies and oldies... hope you had a great weekend!

Keeping it clean... (and check out the rest of the post in the series)
Pictures that make me happy... right now (yap, they're still making me happy!)
Blues and Greens (so long ago... but still lovely!)
Great Jones Home (Still one of my favorite shops)

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January 14, 2011

Pink can be the NEW PINK

True Story:

I was randomly thinking yesterday while polishing off a glass of wine, "what is my favorite color"? I love color, however I am also scared of it in real life. I know that if did something truly bold like electric blue I would want to change it to something else about every other day. All these colorful rooms kept flashing through my head, and I realized that although I do love color, these are the spaces I post that make me say "wow" [black & White, Naturals, & White] I know there are tons of colorful spaces that make me say "wow" too, so I pledge to find them and make my room love, a little more colorful.

Back to my favorite color... I decided it's pink, "but not a girly pink", I thought to myself, "a modern, sleek, adult pink." Then today I was just clicking around, and I remembered the Pantone color for 2011. "Victory" I said aloud.

The 2011 Pantone color is:

Here are rooms that prove that adults can love pink too.
This is all from Ikea! Great Design Tamara
{House Beautiful via Apartment Therapy}

January 11, 2011

Picasso at the SAM

Going to see the Picasso Exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum...

Here are some of the pieces on display. If you'd like to see more check out this link. They have hundreds in the museum right now.

{Portrait of Dora Maar, 1937}
{Portrait of Olga in an Armchair, Fall 1918}

{Sacré-Coeur, Winter 1909–10}
My favorite, I'd love a print of this one!

Also on display at the SAM...

{Above two prints by: Sam Gilliam}
I LOVE the colors! It makes me think of tons of fireworks in Technicolor.

This piece is a staple at the sam along with the mouse. This "armor" is made out of military dog tags.

{Die Welle by Anselm Kiefer}

Not lacking in texture! I also love all the muted tones, there really are a lot of different colors in this one too.

{Blue, Green, Red II By Ellsworth Kelly}

Leaving the SAM, and the Giant Hammering Man...

Want to learn more about the SAM? check the Wiki page and Website. Plan a trip to see Picasso, the exhibit leaves Monday!

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