December 24, 2010

How to: Create Christmas in a Hurry!

Today I started and finished a little project that will add tons to my Christmas Eve, and Christmas dinners. I love Christmas, so it is never difficult to "create Christmas" all around the house. There are tons of options, you have the tree, garlands, glitter, lights, candy canes... and the list of possibilities could go on and on (my house is proof).

I have assembled some inspiration (perhaps you can create your own DIY and email it to me!) and some DIY projects that you could complete in time for the big day. Most of these I have done this season or past seasons. I have also focused of easier projects, light on time, and using (mostly) everyday materials.

This is the project I just finished. I used yarn, instead if twine, and I glittered the walnuts instead of spray paint. I made enough for my little Christmas dinner, and some extras to hang on the tree. I used a thin waxed twine for the glittered walnuts on the tree. Thank you Design*Sponge for the fabulous idea!

via Olivet
Use ribbon to make a plain candle or napkin festive, and a few candy canes bound together can make a place card holder.
Adorable tags, you could also use them as place card holders for you Christmas dinner.

via Design*Sponge
Easy way to add pizzaz to a package, go outside and grab a tree branch, pinecone, or any type of green. Tip: holly grows very well here in the northwest, keep your eyes open and be sure to pick some when you want it next year.

Use some yarn, and extra ornaments (maybe you changed the color scheme this year for your tree) with any gift wrap. A map or newsprint would also add a nice variety to the gifts under the tree.
Mix it up, try adding a tag and ribbon (or twine, yarn, any kind of string!) to a package in one step.
Add a funky button or two to a string adorning a package, you can do this for your candles, and napkins too!
I did this last year, and I also made a garland like this to drape over a doorway. Tip: don't have fancy paper? try a paper bag or newsprint, and some pretty wrapping paper.

Drawing a blank for your table top? use a muffin tin, fill it with ornaments, candles and maybe some pretty candy too!
Think of using a bowl and piling it with whatever greenery you can get and fill it with ornaments.

Remember, when doing last minute decor or crafts, keep it simple and clean, it will look more tasteful instead of tacky. As an example, for my centerpiece this season I've used fresh cedar (which I can pick infront of my house) 3 clear glass candle holders of different sizes, and some vintage silver glass ball ornaments from my tree randomly scattered the length of the cedar. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

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