October 1, 2010

Pictures that make me happy

Vertical gardens, aren't they fun?

This makes me think of "The Quiet Man"

I just want to be there, wandering through the moors (there has to be moors here, they're just not in this shot :)

LOVE this apartment... more on this later...

This is what I would do if I had a pond in my back yard, it makes me think of Jane Austen's timeless romances filling the pages.

oooh, fancy dresses.... where is this paradise?

Feeling a bit of "The Quiet Man" again... maybe I need to take a trip to Ireland.

Beautiful clothes, have a romantic edwardian feel, combined with a dreamy scene. Its a win win.

She reminds me of the crazy blonde in "Under the Tuscan Sun" (love that movie by the way) but seriously, she's pretty fabulous, makes me want to work harder primping.

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