October 25, 2010

Wedding Feature: Doyle & Doyle

I love weddings, every aspect of them are open to interpretation, from the sweet and simple to the ornate and outlandish, they all fascinate me. Its all about the choices that were made, and why, you know that with every wedding the couple has the opportunity to customize each detail, now some do, and some don't, but its their choices that keep me thrilled to see the new wedding magazines every month or the wedding blogs updated daily. I discovered a company that I have been looking for for years Doyle & Doyle, I knew they HAD to exist. The founders of the company (two sisters) wanted to find unique and special pieces for their collection. When reading about the two sisters on their about page I found a snippet from Pamela's bio that summed up the way I felt about wedding rings "jewelry is not only beautiful, but that it plays an important role within one's life." That hit the nail on the head and I was sold, no cookie cutter rings for me here!

After browsing around their site for the wedding ring that gives me chills and the giggles at the same time, I found that there were many. Here are my top picks, and these are just the rings!

FYI: the first three are my favorite!
Old Euro Rose Cut Diamond (via InStyle)

Thank you Doyle & Doyle for being breath taking!

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