September 7, 2010

Love on the Web: Casual Black Boots

Looking thought my wardrobe, thinking of the fall transition that is not so far away, I realized I needed black leather boots. I wondered how I survived the pervious fall/winter. I have black booties, and a black mid calf (not too comfy thought), and thats it for black! I decided that I needed a black knee high boot (I could write an entire article on what it means when I say I "need" something fashion wise. Obviously it doesn't imply necessity, but more "I don't have that in my closet yet". Just thought I'd clarify to help save my good friends and family from a good eye rolling.) to get my fall wardrobe a giant step towards complete. I am looking for something on the more simple side (no heavy stitching, embellishments (aside from buckles), studs, etc...), a little tough, but something I could wear personally and professionally, meeting with clients. Simple or not, they need to be fashionable, and look good no matter if they're from Target or Barneys. This means you need to look at the materials (matte leather only for these boots, if you buy a shinier leather on cheap boots you can tell), the stitching (lighter stitching on darker boots normally looks cheaper) and the style (you don't want to buy an inexpensive knock-off of a high-end boot. If you run in fashionable circles, your knock-offs will be very noticeable. Remember that with boots and a few other pieces that you will buy throughout your life that if you spend $50 on a pair of boots today then they will last you a season, maybe two, but if you buy a pair over the $300 mark, they should hold up long enough that your daughter could wear your "vintage" boot someday. much better than having to buy a new pair of $50 every fall, just suck it up and but a pair of Fryes or something that will hold up, and age well. Here are my selections taking all of these things into concern, the prices range from $49 to $1,210. Can you guess the price of each pair?
*Prices will be shown at the end of the post.

1. Archive tall boots

If I ever make up my mind, I'll be sure to tell you which pair (or maybe one not in this list!) I end up loving, and buying.

1. $298 2. $398 3. $130 4. $1,210 5. $200 6. $49.99 7. $199.95 8. $525 9. $695 10. $49.99 11. $995

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