August 22, 2010

Tech & Gadget Report

Some practical, some nonsensical, but all are fun in their own way.

Find them here (clockwise):
1. Papervore Coffee table from Voos Furniture (more color choices) shreds paper $1950
2. iPad 32GB from Apple (great for all the things you wish your phone was bigger for. e.i pictures, videos, online shopping) $599
3. Water Pebble. Monitors and records your shower water usage, helping to save water and money. $12
4. Keyport slide. A completely jingle free way to carry your keys. $79
7. Magnetic lenses for your iPhone. Fish eye and wide angle macro lenses snap on with a magnetic ring attached to your iPhone (that can also be removed)
8. iPhone 4 32GB from Apple. With so many new tricks (and many more than other phones) it's worth it. $299

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