August 19, 2010

Feature: Need Supply Co.

In 1996 Need Supply Co. started by selling vintage Levis. Now the Co. carries an eclectic assortment of hard-to-find vintage pieces as well modern brands of street wear, and contemporary clothing and accessories for men and women.

3) Brown Matte Sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses $130
4) Leather Pannel Jacket by Funktional $304
5) 3 Finger A Slim Profile by Surface to Air $72
6) Trapezoid Earrings by Carrie Saxl $72
8) Silk Pixie Dress by Funktional $108
9) Gi Skirt by Funktional $62
10) Sophie Heel by Jeffery Campbell $130

With a home base in Virginia, the selection is perfect for my home base in Seattle, and with fall fast approaching, I'll be needing their supply!

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