August 31, 2010

Feature: Jonathan Adler

Here are some pieces from Adler's newest collections that I LOVE!!!

• Choose your color from the Benjamin Moore color wheel
• Write your tag line
• Submit your photos
• Decide on a white or black frame

August 29, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Here is a piece of La Push, it is so beautiful up there...I must go back.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Stock up on any eye candy you missed:

August 26, 2010

Wardrobe for a {living}room

I love this room so much that I want to wear it! Below are the fashions inspired by the colors, textures, and lifestyle of this living room. If this room was a wardrobe, this is what it would wear.

Living room Inspiration via COCOCOZY

1. Patterson Kincaid Blouse $98 (and the rest of the outfit) Shop Bop
2. Kate Moss Cutout Maxi Dress on Top Shop $250
4. Vince Shrug $285 (and the rest of the outfit) Shop Bop
6. Sean Jacket BB Dakota $65 (and the rest of the outfit) Need Supply Co.
8. 3 Chyrstal necklace by Bosquez on Spartan $90
9. Two Tone Large Holdall Bag at Top Shop $100

Feature: La Maison Douce

You know when you love a blog even though you only understand every other word, (thanks to my college french!) the pictures speak for themselves.


Spend some time and look around La Maison Douce.

August 22, 2010

Tech & Gadget Report

Some practical, some nonsensical, but all are fun in their own way.

Find them here (clockwise):
1. Papervore Coffee table from Voos Furniture (more color choices) shreds paper $1950
2. iPad 32GB from Apple (great for all the things you wish your phone was bigger for. e.i pictures, videos, online shopping) $599
3. Water Pebble. Monitors and records your shower water usage, helping to save water and money. $12
4. Keyport slide. A completely jingle free way to carry your keys. $79
7. Magnetic lenses for your iPhone. Fish eye and wide angle macro lenses snap on with a magnetic ring attached to your iPhone (that can also be removed)
8. iPhone 4 32GB from Apple. With so many new tricks (and many more than other phones) it's worth it. $299

Happy Sunday!

How refreshing! I think I just found inspiration to re-do my bedroom. Nothing to it, I'll just need a wind machine and a quaint European backdrop.

Enjoy your Sunday, and remember tho become my follower! More beautiful and exciting posts coming tomorrow...

August 20, 2010

Photos from around the world

Join me for a quick and beautiful trip...

All photos are posted on Flikr. Please follow the links to find other work by the photographers shown.

August 19, 2010

Feature: Need Supply Co.

In 1996 Need Supply Co. started by selling vintage Levis. Now the Co. carries an eclectic assortment of hard-to-find vintage pieces as well modern brands of street wear, and contemporary clothing and accessories for men and women.

3) Brown Matte Sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses $130
4) Leather Pannel Jacket by Funktional $304
5) 3 Finger A Slim Profile by Surface to Air $72
6) Trapezoid Earrings by Carrie Saxl $72
8) Silk Pixie Dress by Funktional $108
9) Gi Skirt by Funktional $62
10) Sophie Heel by Jeffery Campbell $130

With a home base in Virginia, the selection is perfect for my home base in Seattle, and with fall fast approaching, I'll be needing their supply!

August 17, 2010

What I love today...

If you love what I love, here is where you can find it...

1) "let them eat cake" headband by 2) Boat fabric by Spoon Flower. (via Aunt June) 3) Stripe maxi dress from Your Eyes Lie. 4) Bicycle, Victoria Classic-One fine lady by Velorbis.

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