June 14, 2010

Feature: The Paris Apartment

J'adore les fleurs de paris...

Je vous remercie à l'appartement de Paris pour toujours donner l'inspiration pour toutes les belles choses. S'il vous plaît jouit de ces clichés récents de Paris, et de tomber en amour avec l'été!

I can almost see Juliet...

One thing I've been noticing in pictures of some parisian decorating, is the bland neutralness on most of a wall or room, then all of a sudden, a burst of color, texture, pattern, or all three. I think this is a much more uneven way of decorating, and apposed to American design concepts. I think I like it better, the pops of decor seem more special, unique, and thought out, rather than spread out.

As I said above (in french):
Thank you to The Paris Apartment for always giving inspiration for all things lovely. Please enjoys these recent snapshots of Paris, and fall in love with summer!

June 6, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Ok, this has nothing to to with anything, but it made me laugh, so have a happy Sunday.

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