May 19, 2010

How to: Find the Perfect Bra

Expand your horizons with a new bra. It may sound dramatic, but its so true. The right bra will lift your spirits along with your bosom. Thank you Daily Candy for reminding me of the marvelous Linda the Bra Lady of Linda's Bra Salon in NYC. No matter how many specials Opra does, or how many times your savvy girlfriend tells you that she was wearing the wrong size for years. There are tons of ladies that STILL put on the same ol'bra that should have been retired years ago.

Now ladies, I expect you to go to the nearest reputable lingerie boutique, Nordstrom, or Linda's if you are so lucky, and get fitted. If you wear the same bra everyday, get a new one every 3-5 months. I recommend rotating a lot between soft cup and molded (and having a few of each) wearing the different colors and styles when most appropriate.

Don't even get me started on FUN lingerie!

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