April 7, 2010

How to: make a t-shirt bag

I found this post from Between the lines via Design*sponge and I really liked it. I have tons of t-shirts, sweaters, pillow cases, you name it that I know I won't use ever again, but I just love the look of them of I just know as soon as I throw them out, I'll have a project idea. Thus my purging effort is futile. Instead, this quick and easy project could take care of a couple tees or pillowcases. I think I'm going to go for a pattern, or an old concert shirt I know I'll never wear and I have kept too many "sleep shirts" for that very reason.

A bag for grocery shopping (I hate grabbing my branded Trader Joes bag) a farmers market, garage sales ("junking" as I like to call it), little picnic, the possibilities are endless, and so are the variations on this project. So get creative and start making something, then tell me about it.


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