April 13, 2010

Feature: Shoe Dazzle

Have you heard of this yet? Our of every woman's passion (and weakness) comes Shoe Dazzle, and while I am not the biggest fan of the site's creator, I think it is a fun concept, and a great gift for the fashionista in your life. Similar to Bag Borrow or Steal you sign up, answer a style quiz and you are given a choice of 5 different shoes selected by the Shoe Dazzle "stylists". You can return/exchange them for free. One pair a month for 39.95 (you can also purchase months as a gift) sounds like a fun way to be spoiled. You can order more than one shoe a month, see more selections if the first 5 are not to your liking, or you can skip a month.

Now lets be realistic, the shoes are $39, they are not going to be real leather, all synthetic, but they will have the look (thats the hope) of high fashion. This should be fun, we also don't expect that there are personal stylists glued to their computer screens shopping just for you, no it is a computer generated list based on your quiz results, newest designs, and past purchases. And remember if you get the shoes and you don't like them, send them back for free. Don't be shocked if the quality isn't there. As one reviewer said "The design made up for the fact that the shoes weren't suede, and if you like leathe
r for the breathability, I recommend getting sandals from Shoe Dazzle for extra air circulation instead." Good advice, apparently you also get a pashmina a few months into your membership.

There are as many positive reviews as there are negative, so just be smart about it, keep in mind they charge your card the 6th of every month, and there is no cancelation fee. If you don't like it, cancel, there is no one else to blame if you feel like you've wasted your money, it doesn't cost any more than $39.95 to try.

Another thing you need to realize that there is not way that Shoe Dazzle has their own little shoe elves making one-of-a-kind shoes for that cheap, that costs BIG bucks. You can find the same shoes cheaper, but that would take the fun out of it. Its cheap already, you are surprised with a new selection of shoes "picked just for you" every month, and they arrive quickly, and in a cute box. That is what you're paying for. You'll notice that you'll never see any Dansko, Paul Green, or Clarks-esque shoes on the site, they're all fun and a little over the top.

Getting more bang for your buck: Join the Facebook page, members post pictures of their shoes and if you see something you like you can call customer service and request a specific pair.

If you just want to search for some cheap shoes (with out the fun, or the free exchange part) check out these sites, they carry a lot of the same shoes as Shoe Dazzle, but in my opinion its not worth it, no one needs cheap shoes they're just fun.

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