February 11, 2010

Spring Couture

These are some of my favorite runway looks for one reason or another, some are more wearable than other too. But remember, wearable is not the goal. It is the art, the method, the vision, and the over all concept that you're looking for, not whether you can wear on a date you have coming up... can you imagine wearing one of these on a date? wow.

Christian Doir - "Black Beauty" meets "Gone with the Wind" meets "Marie Antoinette" (the new version)

Valentino - this whole collection reminds me of butterflies.

Jean Paul Gaultier - A troubadour meets "Tarzan"

Givenchy - Film Noir meets the 80's

Elie Saab - this was the most wearable collection out of all of them, (that is assuming you need a lot of gowns in your wardrobe) they all look like magical fairies that live in a magical forest.

Chanel - A modern mix from the 30s and 40s.

Although some of my responses sound more supportive than others, I love them all, so different, and they make me happy. I hope you enjoy poking around the collections too.

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