February 17, 2010

Love on the Web: Jewelry

I love jewelry. You can always wear it no matter what the scale says, and it just makes you feel good. Here are some of my favorite artists online right now, its taking all my restraint not to go and buy!

{Citrine by the Stones: Smart, Sensual, Sophisticated}

{Marcia Moran: look fabulous, but not fancy...feel rich, yet reasonable... dress spectacularly, yet still simple.}

{Elizabeth Cole: Inspire the golden tigress within}

{Smith: defined is a worker in metal}

{Alex Keller: I recycle vintage and resale jewelry into fresh and (new) pieces}

{Sophie Gardner: an aesthetic bridge between ancient and modern worlds}

{Astrik: delicate objets d'art}

{Jewelry Alchemy: Decidedly organic jewelry}

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